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Natural Stone Cleaning

Natural stone cleaning would include travertine, marble, Saltillo, and slate. All of these stones have one major important thing in common. They are porous. All natural stones need to breathe and have tiny holes (pores) that will absorb liquids and dust particles. We have a process that will give your stone the care it deserves. After cleaning, we can offer a sealer that will fill in the pores and will resist staining and will keep it clean for much much longer.  P.S. ask us about how to properly maintain your newly cleaned and sealed natural stone floor.


Pet Treatments

Now, here is a subject that is often misunderstood.  We love our pets, but sometimes not enough to be ok with their bio on the carpet.  But they're so cute! No, urine in carpet is not cute.  We have treatments for both minor to severe cases that are extremely effective in killing odor and removing it entirely.  Don't be "that" us! 


Leather Cleaning & Conditioning

Leather upholstery is beautiful and can be easy to maintain.  However, it actually requires more maintenance than fabric upholstery.  Without proper care leather will break and crack over time.  Having your leather cleaned and conditioned is essential. With our leather cleaning process, we will carefully inspect your piece of furniture.  Our trained technicians know what to look for in order to ensure the best possible cleaning and conditioning.  After we're done you'll literally feel the difference and wonder why you didn't have it cleaned sooner.  Not only will you see all the dirt removed but it will feel silky smooth.  


Carpet Repair

It's easy to have an "oops" moment.  The hustle and bustle of getting ready in the morning can be hectic. But what happens when something unexpected happens during your morning routine and creates a scarier and more damaging problem? Say the iron you were using accidentally drops on the carpet, burning the fibers to a crisp. Oh no! Don't worry, we can patch in a new piece of carpet and make it appear as if it never happened.  But check it out, that's not all we can do.  We also specialize in entry repairs, dye spots, and carpet stretching.

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