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Our Process

I'm going to take you through our entire process.  It's important to us that you know every step of how we operate when we come to your home.  We want nothing left to the imagination.  

  1. Initial Walk Through

    • Initial walk through is when we meet you at the front door, introduce ourselves, and have you explain everything that needs to be done.​

      • During the walk through we want to discover​ the details of the job.  We want to know if there are any spots, spills, or stains in the floor that need attention or are a concern for you.

      • We will then settle on a price for the job

  2. Set Up​

    • We will pull in the hoses and carefully place them throughout your home. 

  3. Pre-Treatment​ - (Soil Suspension)

    • Pre-treatment is essential to a superior cleaning.  We treat the flooring with an Alkaline based ​cleaner, that breaks up the deep ground in soil, dust, and grime.​

  4. Extraction

    • This is where we get all that nasty soil, dust and grime out! ​

    • Most importantly is how we do it!! 

      • We have an on board water softener that is used to fill up our truck mounted water tank​. 

      • NOW DON'T MISS THIS....the soft water is what we clean with! NOTHING ELSE! This is why the carpet is left so fresh and clean.

        •  We DON'T inject soaps or chemicals into the carpet, no, that's bad. Soap left in the carpet attracts  everything that filters over the carpet.  This is why carpets dirty so quickly. 

      • You'll find that when we clean your floors, they will stay cleaner for much longer. ​

  5. Final Walk Through

    • After we finish up, we will do a final walk through with you to make sure you're 100% satisfied with the results.​

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