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Tile & Grout Cleaning

Grout is made up of sand and concrete.  Both sand and concrete are very porous and will absorb any liquid or small particles such as dust or grease.  Without proper care, grout lines will turn black to do built up liquids that are spilled and dirt particles that are absorbed.  With our professional cleaning, we are able to extract all the built up particles that have turned the grout black completely out! It never seizes to amaze us to see dirty black grout lines transform to clean natural color.  There's no better feeling than walking on clean tile.  

Did you know that a main reason why carpet gets soiled is because of dirty tile and grout!? It's true, when grease and oil spills occur from cooking in the kitchen or tracking dirt in from outside, it can go right on your tile and seep into the grout lines.  Then, right after walking from tile to carpet the bottoms of your feet will transfer that dirt your kicking around and stick to the carpet fibers.  A good cleaning of tile and grout will take care of that! I challenge you to look at a carpet entry that goes from tile to carpet transition and look for a black or darkened edge.  Now, look underneath kitchen cabinets or edges of a tile room that is never walked on.  What you'll find is the natural color of the grout.  Now, give us a call, so we can take care of this problem. 

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