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Upholstery Cleaning

Your sofa can be the center of attention when friends or family come over to visit.  Dirty, soiled upholstery is never pleasant and can be quite embarrassing.  Don't worry you're not alone.  Most of us use our furniture for more than just sitting.  Eating, sleeping, or even jumping can be a regular activity people use their furniture for, it's no wonder why they get dirty.  Oh, and did I mention that your upholstery is the second biggest filter in your home.  Dust particles in the air filter right through it, adding to the everyday grime. According to the IICRC, upholstery should be vacuumed once per week, per person in your household. Based on this statistic, I'm going to make an assumption, that most of us don't vacuum as often as we should.  Go ahead and think about the last time you vacuumed your upholstery....Ya that's what I thought.  Go ahead and give us a call to extract all those dead skin cells, dust particles, and loose change out of the family couch. 

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