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Carpet Cleaning

Clean carpet is an essential part of your everyday health. It's an easy thing to overlook, but don't assume that just because the carpets look clean, that they are. Your carpet is the biggest filter in your home. There's a lot going on deep in the carpet fibers that we can't see. For example, dust mites are crawling, bacteria is growing, and dust allergens are multiplying. Gross right? Well, rest assured in knowing that we've got your back. We won't let you or your loved one's breath in those nasty particles any longer.  


Our cleaning will not only leave your carpet looking clean and feeling fresh, but our deep cleaning process will fully sanitize deep down removing all of the dust mites and bacteria.  We have been successfully cleaning carpets in the valley since 2003.  We know what clean is and won't stop until it's done right. You might call us perfectionists. 

Now, what we don't do is use harsh chemicals that actually cause more harm to your carpet.  We use a pre-treatment that breaks up those heavy soiled areas allowing us to use only soft water during our extraction process to gently remove all of the filth and grime leaving your carpet fresh, clean, and soap free. No crunchy residue filled carpets, EVER. 

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